Friday, 17 June 2011

Looking into the Light

Like my sunflower avatar
I'm always looking for the light.
Aren't we all?

Thank God:
for counselling and clarity
for Mum and Dad
for my three independent super hero Sons

Shutting up and
Pressing on..


Maggie May said...

That is a beautiful photo and it is what we all try to do...... look unto the light!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

merry weather said...

Unto the light - to God - yes.

Thank you Maggie X

Anonymous said...

Hi, Merry Weather. I thought you'd stopped blogging but then just saw you'd left a comment on a blog I also visited. Hope you're doing okay.

CJ xx

ladythinker said...

Big hug

ladythinker said...

Big hug

laurie said...

so lovely. and i am always so glad to see you again.

merry weather said...

I am good thanks Crystal X

Lady T - Big hug back big sis.

Likewise Laurie - thank you. Coming over soon :-)

dgibbs said...



Glad to see that there's light at the end of your tunnel, Katie. :)

merry weather said...

It's the light of a fast approaching train knowing my luck Uber...

*Flattens self to tunnel wall*
*feels the force*
*checks - still alive*
*carries on..*




Hahahahaha! You're a funny girl,Katie.{ and I love and appreciate how you call me 'Uber' in public. :)] It almost seems weird.

* I am 'happy' again. :)

Is that your hand in the photo btw?

Nice shot.

merry weather said...

It's a shot by Michael Jastremski I think, I found it on

Glad to hear it!!

You should see the size of the Uber-Rose now. Blimey. When it's blooming again I'll send you the before and after the storm pics...