Saturday 1 November 2008


"In preparing the soil for planting, you will need several tools. Dynamite would be a beautiful thing to use, but it would have a tendency to get the dirt into the front-hall and track up the stairs"
(Robert Benchley)

Exactly! This month, to my great relief, my creaking knees have shaped up nicely after digging out a patio. I'm proud of them. Sadly, my wrists have slightly let the side down and gone all tired and spindly, after carrying away the top soil and bringing in the stone. Ah well.

Still, my mother, bless her, has kitted me out most thoughtfully with knee pads and wrist supports. And so, fork and trowel in hand, I look much like a 44 year old mutant ninja turtle, on my way to work each day... But they are helping, I'm strong again. And I'm not complaining, or muttering... about trusses! I'm grinning!

There is so very little time to blog these days. Right now I really ought to be revising the properties of soil (for an evening class exam), or making a trolley dash in Asda, or tackling the plastic toy mountain that has all but engulfed small son's room, or or cleansing and polishing something...

But... I'm here instead. And soon I will be visiting you dear reader! Er, if I have any readers left that is. (Iota, see, I paid attention!!)

This blogging - this tiny first person broadcast - newsletter - ranting space - corner for a giggle - cyber cat-flap into personal space - who knows what this is. But it's great fun and it works. You make a place, express yourself and find friends all over the world. What could be better!

I'm no good at telling the truth in my blog. I would rather extract my eyeballs than talk about my real daily life. I mean it. Well, everything I have ever said here is true, particularly the chocolate bits, but I have left an awful lot out this last year. It's been busy.

And now, roughly since I started blogging, a year and a half ago -
I, Merry Weather,
have proudly given birth to an elephant...

No, no, of course not!! I have done something else altogether. I have let go of being Mrs No-One and become Myself: independent, happy-hearted, hard-working, one day at a time, devoted mother of three me...

And there've been crappy times, sure. But there's been a lot to be glad about:
I found the right work, I know I can provide for my kids, I'm strong, I've made all sorts of new friends, I bob along surviving - and I'm so happy for that.

Um, seasonal stuff!