Sunday 30 March 2008

Spring and the Impulsive Snail Moves On

I am a hopeless blogger - a self-confessed snail, but a good reader. I shall post something cheerful when spring is sprung a bit more. Alas, it'll snow now, probably...

Saturday 8 March 2008


I'm sitting here, typing erratically with all my fingers. I am thinking of introducing my elbows to the keyboard as well, just to liven things up! At college on the return to work course I'm taking we are studying Word. I'm doing well at that. They haven't heard of blogs there.

At home my boys are all wearing new hats, fairly constantly as kids do - handknitted, multi-coloured and sporting an attached woollen plait over each ear. Peruvian hats they call them. Apparently these are the epitome of style at the High School. I am agog. They look like bonnets to me. But who am I to know what's cool hey?

The careers counsellor at college revealed our options to us the other day. Unless we take further retraining, the future is £6 an hour in a reception office - eg hospital, GP practice or library. Most people took this news badly. Of course there are many more possibilities sure. But typically £6 an hour? - streuth!

I'm going to study horticulture in an evening class - an RHS diploma. And in the meantime I'm looking for work in a garden centre or nursery. No stranger to mud, I love being outdoors, whatever the weather. It's a darn sight better than saying "Can I help you?" and "sorry to keep you" thousands of times a day. Been there done that - never say never but no thanks!!