Sunday 20 March 2011


Today I've been flying from Biggin Hill, in a light aircraft, flown by Tom, my eldest son. He's training for a private pilot's licence.

In the back seat I was two things - silent while he did his thing - and terribly proud. Boy to man. His own man.

(And a darn sight more focussed and competent than his mother has ever been!)

Go Tom. Keep being yourself.

And thanks for showing me the world from above and the sun shining above the clouds. It was magic...

Hooray for You!!!

Saturday 12 March 2011

Focus and Balance

Adi Holzer
"Life" (Like Tightrope Walking)

Great picture, great artist. Inspiring. Teaches me that to perform something tricky it's necessary to carry a (balanced) weight. There's no end to learning. At least, I expect not...