Friday 8 August 2008


Off on holiday - all aboard the skylark -

Here is my packing list so far:
30 pairs of socks and underpants
1 full jar of travel sickness pills
1 complete set of Pixar DVDs
Most important of all - 1 in-car DVD player (best money I have ever ever spent)

I've double locked and fondly patted my gardening van at least twenty times and soon we're off on holiday to France. For a grand family reunion. Yippee. Ten days in an historic manoir with all the long-lost, far-flung relations - I can hardly wait!

Well, not quite true, I can wait a bit. It's no good if there's nothing to worry about...I am slightly worried about getting out of England. This is because my dear old dad - the senior organiser - has somehow accidentally nominated middle son, aged 10, as our entire group leader with Brittany Ferries. Yes. Although he is tall and willing, I fear he may have trouble driving the cars into the hold... Hey ho, don't sweat the small stuff I say! Everything will be great.

It'll bear no relation to this journey of course - Doris Day/Calamity Jane - ah - just caught my fancy. En passant, you know :)

Happy Holidays to All!!