Thursday 11 December 2008

Pressing Merrily On

It was an easy mistake to make. Especially at a time like this, Christmas coming, credit crunch munching, hair growing - longer and longer -

I mean anyone with as rambling a hairstyle as mine, anyone as short of time and cash, anyone feeling as unduly accomplished with their pruning shears as me - anyone could have made the very same mistake...

Couldn't they?

Have given themselves a full Milly-Molly-Mandy haircut I mean. 
In their middle years.

One minute I was peering happily into the bathroom mirror, snip, snip, humming softly, feeling pleased, thinking - crikey, I  can't really focus so well up close any more... ah well, never mind, press on.... hum, hum, snip, snip -

and the next minute as I laid down the scissors - ta dah!!  There she was in the mirror, peering back at me, a little older than I recall -

Oh no...




It has taken an eternity
and a magnifying glass
to get it all,
to normal....

Yet I have!!

Ok, I exaggerate a little,
but only, I regret to say,
a tad...