Sunday 9 January 2011

A Flash of Spring

19 Days into Winter and hey, today a Flash of Spring. Hooray.

I've just tidied my garden after the snow and the ice. Leaves from the park mulched the new plantings very well. I had feared that the old hydrangea in deep shade by the garage was a goner. I've been loathe to go near it until today...

You see, I kind of bonded with that hydrangea when I moved in here almost two years ago. It was a cheery and spirited little fellow I thought, with only one flower-head - struggling in poor soil - I top dressed it, staked it, watered it often, chatted to it... As you do... And it took off tremendously. Lush dark leaves and a bloom on every stem.

After the snow I looked at it and it looked at me. Curtains I sniffed. But no! Today up close and personal I see a mass of fat buds on every stem. Nature triumphs.

Soon it'll probably snow once more! But - a day like today will keep me going for some time yet.

I'm resting up till I start working again. Enjoying being a home parent for the kids. Redecorating and taking time to let this last year settle and a New Year begin. I miss Rob constantly. That won't change. But my sense of purpose already has. Life is right here, right now...

Also, on a less serious note. My feet have shrunk. In all respects. I can only put this down to my continued accelerated ageing. To, shiver, what the dentist calls - bone loss - ulp. It became apparent when wearing Christmas present socks (thanks Mum!) - and I looked at these new thin flippers on the end of my normal-sized legs and thought - hello, what happened here? Whose feet are those?...
It's Nature again I guess :-)