Wednesday 23 April 2008

Background inspiration

Many thanks to Flick who gave me this desktop tag.

This is my actual desktop, posted with considerable (puny) technical effort from yours truly, involving a lot of face-pulling... click....and umming and

It suggests I'm concentrating on the bigger picture maybe, which is true, well at least it is this week! When I change the image next week, it'll be for this little treasure:

(...Merry dashes off to the corner shop to buy a creme egg, quite forgetting the clouds, the horizon and the internet beyond...) Yum!! -

A little later - munch, munch - and I'm passing the tag on:

I Beatrice
Crystal Jigsaw
Lady Thinker

Over to you ladies!

Sunday 6 April 2008

Three Inches of Snow!

Ha! After my careless prediction on the previous post last week - it snows!!! "More snow than we have ever seen before" my boys assured me solemnly before donning their peruvian hats and flying outside to play not snowballs, but frisbee. Ah!

After this forecasting coup, I am turning my attention to the National Lottery. I don't want a million, that would be a burden, I'd have to give most of it away. Just a little win would be good.

They've dropped the frisbee now and are having the snowball fight of the century, refereed by the three year old, anxiously through the window... Sigh, I'll have to go and join them!