Tuesday 8 November 2011

There will come a time...

Love Mumfords, love this.

Sunday 11 September 2011

Alex Cherney's Ocean Sky

In my travels on Twitter - which I love for world news and friendly chatter, I came across a link - from the QI Elves - which led me to Alex Cherney's "Ocean Sky".

This is an award-winning short sequence of time-lapse photography, which he shot from a beach in Southern Australia. It is possibly the most beautiful film I have ever seen.

What an insight for an average star-gazing northern hemisphere dweller like me.
You can actually SEE the Milky Way...
Bravo Alex. And thank you.

Ocean Sky from Alex Cherney on Vimeo.


... How much more remains unseen?

Friday 17 June 2011

Looking into the Light

Like my sunflower avatar
I'm always looking for the light.
Aren't we all?

Thank God:
for counselling and clarity
for Mum and Dad
for my three independent super hero Sons

Shutting up and
Pressing on..

Saturday 21 May 2011


The Gipsy Kings - my secret soul brothers.

Volare, cantare nel blu... To fly, to sing in the blue sky...

This song means a lot to me. It's so joyful, it shouts delight in the moment and rejoicing together (and - and - ssh! - it always stirs my secret flamenco dancer ambitions. Yes. Two big left feet though. Sigh.)

For Rob, who means a whole lot more to me, who I miss with all my heart, for him I post this today - his anniversary - with the happiest memories - of
great times together, of being ourselves and of oh - delight!

I find it better to laugh and dance than to cry these days (although sometimes it's bloody difficult).

I do think he would laugh heartily at the irony of today being Rapture Day !

For all who love and miss him and carry him in heart - respect to you.

Robert Chambers
2nd January 1964 - 21st May 2010

Sunday 3 April 2011

Mothers' Day

Joyful picture!
(from the Daily Telegraph)

With much love to my own Mum - who taught me how to mother. Happy Mothers' Day Mum!

And for my own three sons (Aw, soppy Mum! Sorry lads!) - Just to remind you - each individual one of you - Guess how much I love you! (OK, OK, I'll leave it there -)


Sunday 20 March 2011


Today I've been flying from Biggin Hill, in a light aircraft, flown by Tom, my eldest son. He's training for a private pilot's licence.

In the back seat I was two things - silent while he did his thing - and terribly proud. Boy to man. His own man.

(And a darn sight more focussed and competent than his mother has ever been!)

Go Tom. Keep being yourself.

And thanks for showing me the world from above and the sun shining above the clouds. It was magic...

Hooray for You!!!

Saturday 12 March 2011

Focus and Balance

Adi Holzer
"Life" (Like Tightrope Walking)

Great picture, great artist. Inspiring. Teaches me that to perform something tricky it's necessary to carry a (balanced) weight. There's no end to learning. At least, I expect not...


Sunday 9 January 2011

A Flash of Spring

19 Days into Winter and hey, today a Flash of Spring. Hooray.

I've just tidied my garden after the snow and the ice. Leaves from the park mulched the new plantings very well. I had feared that the old hydrangea in deep shade by the garage was a goner. I've been loathe to go near it until today...

You see, I kind of bonded with that hydrangea when I moved in here almost two years ago. It was a cheery and spirited little fellow I thought, with only one flower-head - struggling in poor soil - I top dressed it, staked it, watered it often, chatted to it... As you do... And it took off tremendously. Lush dark leaves and a bloom on every stem.

After the snow I looked at it and it looked at me. Curtains I sniffed. But no! Today up close and personal I see a mass of fat buds on every stem. Nature triumphs.

Soon it'll probably snow once more! But - a day like today will keep me going for some time yet.

I'm resting up till I start working again. Enjoying being a home parent for the kids. Redecorating and taking time to let this last year settle and a New Year begin. I miss Rob constantly. That won't change. But my sense of purpose already has. Life is right here, right now...

Also, on a less serious note. My feet have shrunk. In all respects. I can only put this down to my continued accelerated ageing. To, shiver, what the dentist calls - bone loss - ulp. It became apparent when wearing Christmas present socks (thanks Mum!) - and I looked at these new thin flippers on the end of my normal-sized legs and thought - hello, what happened here? Whose feet are those?...
It's Nature again I guess :-)