Sunday 14 March 2010

Mother's Day

Today I am celebrating my Mum -

and all the warm hugs from the one who taught us to be kind, not to judge, to look past the broken bits and find the best. Who could always see the new shoots...

The spider catcher!!

The mighty bonfire digger, foot resting on fork, content in the dusk.

Who has always loved our kids dearly. And saved us from insanity, by giving them her full and patient attention - books shared, games played, headaches soothed, tempers calmed, smiles and easy laughter restored - reminding us gently that they were only ever simply being... kids.

Who has sent out a hundred and one timely parcels of books and chocolate, toys and crayons, ski socks and gardening gloves; with a little note in a beautiful card saying - well done, keep going....

Who has always listened thoughtfully to long-winded news of our latest developments, and never judged (but occasionally adopted a special mumsy perplexed expression which is followed by: "So..... what have you actually done?" Eyebrows only slightly betraying alarm).

Who has accepted so much. Who has worn her knees out in church praying some days. Who grows plants, family and serenity.. With grace..

Much love to you Mum, today and all days, from all four of us.

Celebrating our Mum!