Saturday 20 October 2007

Back Soon

I'm away for a while - getting back to work and stuff. Originally I thought I'd leave a clean slate, and a snail in the meantime. However you bloggers have been sweet and asked where I've gone - oops, sorry. Well, I'm fine, healthy and happy. I was just getting tired of looking at my posts - they looked old, tired and infrequent - I felt the infection spreading out of the screen - eek! - and so I had a revamp.

Then, Lady Thinker gave me an affectionate clip round the ear for not having any posts. At all. She was quite right, she usually is I find! Well, of course, I do still have all of them plus your comments and I am carefully hoarding them to reread on rainy days in my retirement.

I like reinventing myself and so I'm having a great time now, enrolling for courses at the adult education centre and filling in job applications. I have discovered incidentally that I could learn flamenco dancing there - swoon! - this has set off a whole new train of idle thought. I can do the hair and the haughty face but I'm not at all sure how my feet will react, poor dear clumsy things that they are. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until next September - I can hardly bear the delay!

So, the job search - yes, going ahead, hindered slightly by my dustiness. I'm very dusty in fact. When bright young women ask me challenging purposeful questions I endeavour to shine back engagingly but I have a thought processing delay - currently about 30 fatal seconds. They look at me aghast as if I'm on human standby. BUT never fear, I'm working on it - I used to be bright like that, once upon a time - I just need to try and remember exactly how I did it ...