Saturday 21 May 2011


The Gipsy Kings - my secret soul brothers.

Volare, cantare nel blu... To fly, to sing in the blue sky...

This song means a lot to me. It's so joyful, it shouts delight in the moment and rejoicing together (and - and - ssh! - it always stirs my secret flamenco dancer ambitions. Yes. Two big left feet though. Sigh.)

For Rob, who means a whole lot more to me, who I miss with all my heart, for him I post this today - his anniversary - with the happiest memories - of
great times together, of being ourselves and of oh - delight!

I find it better to laugh and dance than to cry these days (although sometimes it's bloody difficult).

I do think he would laugh heartily at the irony of today being Rapture Day !

For all who love and miss him and carry him in heart - respect to you.

Robert Chambers
2nd January 1964 - 21st May 2010