Sunday, 5 October 2008

Reasons To Be Cheerful!

Ian Dury. A man for all seasons - cheeky, clever, gifted. The world's a poorer place without him. I've been listening to his music again lately. And again! It doesn't date, quite brilliant.

I haven't blogged for a while - real life can get in the way of blogging don't you find? In a good way though. I'm a darn sight more cheerful than I was last October. My mid-life crisis, useful in many ways, has done it's job and is now mentally filed under "completed" in my head. I have emerged from it feeling - younger! Happier! Well, I lie, not counting my knees... my knees are not speaking to me at the moment. They creak horribly... and ache sometimes, a bit. It's working outdoors that does it. Still, I'm hopeful they'll come up to speed with the rest of me early in the New Year... It's that or surgery!!

(I exaggerate Mum... Really!)

Things that make me cheerful now include:
  • the Indian Summer we just had
  • Working hard and earning real Cash
  • my Kids - growing up stronger, getting on together, playing chess and poker (thanks Mum!)
  • Being myself - independent, confident...
  • my beloved Van
  • Having 200% more energy than 10 years ago *
  • Friends - who make me laugh and more besides...

And so on, so forth. Carpe Diem!

* By the way, Merry Weather is powered by Cadbury's Crunchie bars most days... Hey, I wonder if they'd sponsor me?