Saturday, 21 May 2011


The Gipsy Kings - my secret soul brothers.

Volare, cantare nel blu... To fly, to sing in the blue sky...

This song means a lot to me. It's so joyful, it shouts delight in the moment and rejoicing together (and - and - ssh! - it always stirs my secret flamenco dancer ambitions. Yes. Two big left feet though. Sigh.)

For Rob, who means a whole lot more to me, who I miss with all my heart, for him I post this today - his anniversary - with the happiest memories - of
great times together, of being ourselves and of oh - delight!

I find it better to laugh and dance than to cry these days (although sometimes it's bloody difficult).

I do think he would laugh heartily at the irony of today being Rapture Day !

For all who love and miss him and carry him in heart - respect to you.

Robert Chambers
2nd January 1964 - 21st May 2010


sheilabeeler said...

Well done, Kate. I'm proud of you. Said a little prayer for you both this morning on my walk. The only way is up! Love Sheila beeler.x


I am thinking of Rob [and you] with a heavy heart today.

A year already-except for you a lifetime.

Love you Katie! xoxox

Maggie May said...

Thinking of you both but especially you.
I loved that song when I was growing up!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Ms Smack said...


laurie said...

thinking of you. tears in my eyes. glad to think you can laugh and dance. my hat is off to you!

ladythinker said...

I was thinking of you on the day. But not even a hint form you on a blog post so this was a surprise.
Yes Rapture day - can just imagine the fun he would have had on Twitter
Big Hug.

ladythinker said...

Form - FROM of course I meant FROM - bloody fat fingers . . .

Electro-Kevin said...

It's been a much emptier community without him.

A year on and I think I can reflect that there has been a lowering in the enthusiasm for blogging.


merry weather said...

Thanks everyone for reading and responding. Much appreciated.

And I will be over and read you all soon. Looking forward!


Ms Smack said...

His facebook profile is now the next to go.


merry weather said...

Dear Cath,

I am sad to hear that. But I am far more sorry for your feelings.

That his ex-wife has erased him from life and from memory and to this day continues randomly to do so is cruel and unnecessary. Some might even call it attention-seeking.

Unfortunately as "technically next of kin" (her own words) she can and will fiddle around with his name in death as she couldn't while he was alive.

Oh the power!
This fiddling of hers suggests great sadness to me. It's also so bizarre it's approaching the comical.

Still, I don't let it touch me. Don't let it touch you either..

Responding to her puts you on the road to insanity. It took me four hellish days in grief last year to work that one out. Never again!

On a happier note - hope you and Carissa are OK, not studying too much and having fun, like you two do :-)

Big Hug Cath X

merry weather said...

Can you imagine his post on this?

"Bits Of Me Are Being Deleted Shock!!"

I'm laughing...

Ms Smack said...

Bizarre is a good word for it. Ugly, cruel and spiteful is another.

I checked it again just now. The wall is still there, and two images. One of him playing with Muts on the beach, and a picture of beetroot.

There are numerous posts which are just FB spam, but a couple that did make me laugh.

One status update in Nov last year says "i am hanging my willy out the window"


Thank you for the kind words. I am not having much of a break from study, quite the opposite - stressed about my deadlines and word count - eek.

Carissa is well, hanging with a friend here this weekend, watching movies, marathon style and mostly leaving me alone, which is welcomed.

Take care luv,