Saturday 28 August 2010

Something to Look Forward to at last!!

But firstly I must mention age. My own -

You see, when I was young, people thought I was older than I was. When I grew older, people took me for younger than I am. Handy that. It's to do with having a calm exterior and a steady face I think. Hmm. Lately, since Rob died, I have unfortunately undergone accelerated ageing. Without and within. Recently in fact a dear little old lady asked me how many grandchildren I had.. Gosh!

Anyway, accelerated ageing has made me very slow, possibly calmer too. I no longer worry much, I no longer bellow at the kids (as much!), I prioritise. I face life on a does it really matter? basis. Good things are small things. Being together. Laughing. Getting organised. Being in the sunlight - enjoying a book. The list is endless...

So, what is there to look forward to though, in my increasingly older age?

Well, at last, I've found something.





My three wheeled epiphany follows a great laugh at work, discussing the best present you ever received as a child. Trikes came top of the list for 40 somethings!

Well, I suggested, why not revert to trikes post 50? Forget bikes and lycra and road rage - Look at all these wide empty cycle lanes on the roads now. Think trike! greater stability, room for a devil-may-care passenger perched on the back, scope for customisation - I was planning winged mudguards for starters - and oh boy, what beats the thrill of cornering on two wheels...


Yes, I know. Big Ears had a trike.

And I know my kids are going to explode with laughter when they read this...

Ah well. I still want one ;-)



And if you put a bundle buggy on the back ,you can get all sorts of groceries,books etc.


merry weather said...

I've just one word for your new look E K - Ravishing.
(Laughing... Excellent!)

A bundle buggy Uber? Yes! Hadn't thought of that! :-)

Electro-Kevin said...

Can't believe that you don't have JS Bach in your music favourites.

You seem the type. (As am I)

Sandi McBride said...

OMG, I haven't seen you in like forever and I come in from the garden and find you on a trike! Can I ride the horse along side if I promise not to let her business side leave you any packages to roll thru? Lord you are fun!

merry weather said...

OK E-K - I've updated my profile. I like so many kinds of music. Yes Bach, particularly the partitas for violin. Haunting. He was the master of the chromatic scale or something wasn't he?

Sandi - Hello :-) - Yes sure to the horse, definitely no to the crap, I've just clambered out of tons of that X

laurie said...

i was looking at those the other day when doug was replacing his bicycle (ours were stolen). i was alarmed to find that they seemed....practical and attractive instead of laughable. yikes.

I Beatrice said...

An excellent-looking vehicle and one I have in mind for later.... at present though, I'm only 74, and can still manage pretty well on two wheels!

Ms Smack said...

I think as long as you wear a dress, tucked into your socks, and a flowery hat, you'll hardly be noticed!


Catherine said...

Looks perfect to me, especially as I never learned to ride a bike - a huge omission and one I need to rectify. Go get it. It'll put a smile on your face.

Just back from Holland where cycling is a way of life and life is better for it. Good to see you blogging again.

Stay at home dad said...

Hello Merry,

I've been away and had no idea. So sorry to hear your news. All I can do is admire your good humour and imagine you on a trike!

Take care

merry weather said...

Hi Laurie - Great minds thinking alike - thinking trike - ahem. Hey, sorry to hear your bikes were stolen!

I've seen you on your bicycle Bea, very elegant. If that's part of the reason for your serenity and agelessness - Hooray!

I like to pass "unnoticed" really Cath. And I have no dresses!;-)

Hello Marianne - the thoughtful one. Holiday in Holland - great! Coming over to hear about it.

SAHD - you've returned! -
Thank you. I hope life has been good for you in the interval? I'll look forward to catching up on yours. (Humour is only me polishing my mettle. It's not too shiny but it sure is strong. Smile)

Maggie May said...

I love the trike. Hope you have much fun on it.

I am truly sorry about Rob and I am sorry about not understanding properly before. Call it chemo brain if you like. Now I understand what has happened.
Thanks for your recent comment.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

merry weather said...

You are a lovely lady Maggie. And I can't begin to imagine what you're going through. It licenses you to do anything at all I'd say. Smile. X

Livvy U. said...

Hello Merry Weather,
Oh what a time you have been having. I am bowled over by your honesty and willingness to stay with the things that matter. I am sure that writing is a key healer, which you seem to know already too. I love the Emily Dickinson poem and the wonderful 16th century letter.
Stay true. This too shall pass. You are obviously a much loved person, which counts for so much.

merry weather said...

What a sweet and thoughtful comment Livvy. Thank you so much. X

Penny Pincher said...

Hello Merryw . . . . only just found your comment over on mine - been offline from blogs for ages - where did the summer go??

Just came on to look at what I'd last posted and found a couple of comments. What a surpise - I assumed I been forgotten. Found I'd not set up my email notifications properly on the new PC ( a seniro moment I assume!) - but then again I have been out about having small 'adventures'.

Penny Pincher said...

That should have been a 'senior' moment although a 'seniro moment' sounds more exotic ;-)

merry weather said...

Seniro/De Niro eh?


Hmm, when you say small 'adventures' Lady T, when you add the word 'exotic'...

I'm all ears... And smiling!!

So glad you're ok!

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Marvellous machine!

There used to be a lady riding one around the village, and was called 'Trident'!

She never cared a damn either!

I want to make one, and the latest invention will trickle through soonish...

merry weather said...

Trident is a brilliant name! It makes me think of noble Neptune - and also missiles. Ha!

I've been eagerly awaiting a designer.. and here you are at last!


Ms Smack said...

Hello Ms MerryWeather.

How are you?


merry weather said...

I'm Ok thank you Ms Smack. :-)

Up and down, pressing on. Bereavement counselling has helped/is helping. 100% recommended.

But truthfully, nothing changes the obvious. Nothing will. The gap he's left in my heart gets wider all the time. It hurts terribly. And the loss of him has changed everything for me.

So I have to keep getting bigger and older and kinder and wiser to keep up with the gap. That's the truth.