Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mother's Day

Today I am celebrating my Mum -

and all the warm hugs from the one who taught us to be kind, not to judge, to look past the broken bits and find the best. Who could always see the new shoots...

The spider catcher!!

The mighty bonfire digger, foot resting on fork, content in the dusk.

Who has always loved our kids dearly. And saved us from insanity, by giving them her full and patient attention - books shared, games played, headaches soothed, tempers calmed, smiles and easy laughter restored - reminding us gently that they were only ever simply being... kids.

Who has sent out a hundred and one timely parcels of books and chocolate, toys and crayons, ski socks and gardening gloves; with a little note in a beautiful card saying - well done, keep going....

Who has always listened thoughtfully to long-winded news of our latest developments, and never judged (but occasionally adopted a special mumsy perplexed expression which is followed by: "So..... what have you actually done?" Eyebrows only slightly betraying alarm).

Who has accepted so much. Who has worn her knees out in church praying some days. Who grows plants, family and serenity.. With grace..

Much love to you Mum, today and all days, from all four of us.

Celebrating our Mum!


Maggie May said...

Lovely post and photo.

Nuts in May

Iota said...

Merry Daze! Long time since we've heard from you, and then you come up with this kind of fabulous writing. Don't stay away so long.

In fact I did a post recently called "Bloggers of Yesteryear". I wracked my brains for all the great bloggers who blogged no more. Afterwards, I spotted your name on my Bloglines and thought, bother, that was a big omission, I should have included Merry Daze.

But just as well I didn't. The fact that you are posting shows that you are not a blogger of yesteryear at all.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh yes, lovely to read you again and such a lovely post. Hope all is going well with you and the gardening. I often think of you when I get going in the garden and wonder about your aches and pains. Just about that time of year again when my back siezes up and my knees swell as I attempt to tackle the garden!

laurie said...

ah, lovely lovely.
our mothers day is in may.

Anonymous said...

May I share her ? Mine is a ratbag.

Marmaduke said...

Marmaduke was here and will return.

merry weather said...

Thanks to all for visiting here, how jolly kind you blog friends are to notice, and after all this time, crikey!

I didn't get to see my mum
this Mother's Day and I just wanted to find a way to tell her how important she is.

Maggie - I am devastated to read the recent news on your profile. Words here are insufficient. Very best regards to you.

Iota - Hello and good to see you too. Erm... High 5? (Grins!)

Swelling knees MOB, oh yes, yes! And sore feet from boots rubbing, also shoulders moaning and complaining.. But my heart is really happy.
And I hope yours still is too.

Hello Laurie, thanks, looking forward to catching up on your blog soon!

That's fine by me Mr Mutley... Hmm, you could ask her yourself you know :-).

Marmaduke -
You made it, excellent!

Anonymous said...


Marianne said...

Hi again Merry -long time etc, but so good to see you drop in from time to time. This is a stunning post and would love to see more of you in blogland. Hope life is being kind - would love to catch up again x

ladythinker said...

Such a lovely surprise to find a post from you - glad to see you still have a very elegant way with expressing so much - I enjoyed this thank you. x

French Fancy said...

I've come to say how very sorry I am to hear about Rob. I did see his comments here and there and he was a witty and funny man and I cannot begin to imagine how crap you are feeling, Kate.

thinking of you
Julie in France

I Beatrice said...

Merry Weather, I don't know how to contact you any longer except by this means - but I have just heard the sad and dreadful news of Mutley's passing, and am shocked and saddened on so many different fronts that I hardly know what I can say to you..

You never told me of your closeness to him, you see - so if I ever said anything which hurt or offended you, please accept my sincere regret.

How can he have gone though, that's what I keep asking myself? He was there last week, just as usual - and now, suddenly that bright spirit has apparently been extinguished...

My loss is nothing as compared to yours of course - but just the same, I shall miss his presence here in blogland desperately. For wit, for warmth, for gentle wry humour and an unfailing ability to get straight to the heart of the absurdity of most things, there was never anyone quite like Mutley!

I wish I had known him better, that's all. But I mourn his loss, and yours, with great sincerity.

Sandi McBride said...

I was so glad to see that you had posted again and so sad to see that you had lost Rob...and no place there to comment...but backtracking has done me good. This was an amazing post all on it's on and I have missed you...please don't stay gone so long again, okay?

Ellee Seymour said...

I would like to send you my heartfelt sympathies at the loss of your beloved partner and soulmate. Mutley (I never knew his name was Rob), never failed to makes us all smile and he is greatly missed. Take care. x

ladythinker said...

Oh Kate - I'm just back from a trip to see family - and what a shock to find your message on my blog about Mutley (Rob) - I didn't realise you 2 were so close. I am so sorry for your very sad loss.

And for us too. Whenever I felt blue I'd head over to see what Mutley had posted - I knew I'd be sure to have a laugh and leave his place feeling more cheerful.

I'll also miss reading his funny lewd/suggestive comments on blogs.

I'm glad to have had the chance to read about the real man behind Mutleythedog. Thank you for leaving this link to his tribute page.

Ginro said...

I loved the guy (in a manly way of course, lol). And I really miss him.

I Beatrice said...

Still you leave us no place to leave comments, Kate, on your latest and so profoundly sad posts.

I find myself thinking constantly still, of Mutley - and wishing (oh so very much!) that I'd also known the real man, Rob. How very differently I'd have responded to his comments on IBeatrice, for one thing - if I'd only known the wise and generous man himself!

I grieve for you in your loss, I truly do. You had clearly found something so real and wonderful, and it seems the very cruellest stroke of fate that you have been deprived of him so soon.

The removal of his blog is hard to understand, I agree... But we who knew him, however imperfectly, will cherish the thought and the memory of the man and his writing, always. How often still, as I write, for example - do I find myself asking "What would Mutley have made of this, I wonder?"

Please feel free to contact me if you think it could be helpful in any way. For my own part, I should cherish the opportunity to learn a little more about the man behind the Mutley mask...

Would that I had been wiser, and more generous in my response to him, while I had the chance - that is my constant and lasting regret.

tqmcintl said...

Hang on in there
Life must go on

u have memories to cherish
Praise the Lord

Leslie Hawes said...

I fed the fish at the bottom of this page.
Colorful and hungry :)

merry weather said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting and taking the time and thought to comment.

And for the record, Mr Mutley/Rob's mum is just lovely. I've come to know that - in his absence sadly. She's also been very kind to me in this awful time. And I care about her and her feelings very much.

Mothers - matter.
As do Dads, equally, but that's another story.