Friday, 8 August 2008


Off on holiday - all aboard the skylark -

Here is my packing list so far:
30 pairs of socks and underpants
1 full jar of travel sickness pills
1 complete set of Pixar DVDs
Most important of all - 1 in-car DVD player (best money I have ever ever spent)

I've double locked and fondly patted my gardening van at least twenty times and soon we're off on holiday to France. For a grand family reunion. Yippee. Ten days in an historic manoir with all the long-lost, far-flung relations - I can hardly wait!

Well, not quite true, I can wait a bit. It's no good if there's nothing to worry about...I am slightly worried about getting out of England. This is because my dear old dad - the senior organiser - has somehow accidentally nominated middle son, aged 10, as our entire group leader with Brittany Ferries. Yes. Although he is tall and willing, I fear he may have trouble driving the cars into the hold... Hey ho, don't sweat the small stuff I say! Everything will be great.

It'll bear no relation to this journey of course - Doris Day/Calamity Jane - ah - just caught my fancy. En passant, you know :)

Happy Holidays to All!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you are not as heavily armed as mad Calamiy J... they look askance on that sort of thing on the ferries these days...Here is my tip. Dont watch the DVD while driving as it might distract your attention from the situation in hand... so to speak.

laurie said...

to france! oh, enjoy! enjoy!

merry weather said...

Mad Mr M? Oh no. Actually I think it's jolly..! Terribly dated and tongue in cheek, but I've a soft spot for this kind of thing - singing and dancing - why not?

I will Laurie, I've not forgotten you're a francophile :)

Anonymous said...

Have a fab time. Our portable dvd player blew up!

CJ xx

Iota said...

Can you do that gun-twirling thing she does in the last 20 secs or so of the clip? It would look pretty cool and impress the clients. I suggest you get a weapon (fake) and practise it.

Have a great time.

Maggie May said...

Tell son to drive safely!
Have a really good holiday!

Mean Mom said...

Oh, no! I just found your comment on my somewhat neglected site and came over, but I think you must have gone, already! Sorry about that. Hope you have (or had) a great time in France. I will be (was) thinking of you whilst I am (was) painting my doors. Grrr, hate decorating! said...

have a lovely lovely time.

Sandi McBride said...

I'm sure that the wee son will drive just admirably into the hold of the ship and park just my real life, I think you'd best take the reins, lol!

Maggie May said...

Have a wonderful time.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh I hope you are enjoying your holiday. I just caught up with you and laughed out loud at you falling asleep after dropping the kids off at judo. You are such an inspiration and I followed suit and took a job where I am working with food which I love. I am on the go for 4 to 5 hours at a time and am completely knackered at the end of the day and I don't even have kids to see to! For the first time in years I am losing weight and getting fitter. I am doing something that is an in-road to supplying my posh nosh through a new deli and I am thrilled to bits. I have to say MW - reading how you have made a go of returning to work and starting from scratch in a new career was such a gem for me to read as it made me realise I should have a shot too.

You certainly deserve your holiday - hope you slept enough!

ladythinker said...

Oh how lovely - enjoy - I hope you are having (had) a wonderful time - with some sunshine.

ladythinker said...

P.S I'd have been tempted to airbrush out the Brit Ferries on the ship and tried to blag a blog about my going away on the family yacht.

merry weather said...

Thanks Crystal - our tom-tom shut down 20 mins before departure, I could hardly conceal my glee!

Iota - you're still here! I've missed you! Yes, actually I twirl my secateurs a bit, in idle moments - how about you? :-))

Hi Maggie! Hope you're fine.

How's the decorating going MM? Thanks for the good wishes, it was a nice holiday. Quite eventful with 7 excited kids! Lovely countryside, friendly people and a very great deal of food and drink, naturally. Good to be back to normal now.

Thank you for visiting RM :)

merry weather said...

Hi Sandi, it got even more complicated! Next time I'll take the booking reins from Dad. Come and see you again soon - take care :)

That is great news MOB!! There is something so satisfying about doing a job you love, can give your all to and still find yourself looking forward to each new day. I'm really really pleased for you! I must tell you, your warmth and endless good humour have always inspired me. Fantastic, well done, MOB Rules!!

Lady T, I've missed you! Must come over for a read of your pink pages. Yes, plenty of sunshine thanks and a great big old manor house to explore. Also 2 baby barn owls, a pig farm and rats... Plus the 7 kids... You can guess the rest!
Btw, that is the family yacht... ahem...

ladythinker said...

I can't believe you're back from holiday already.
Perhaps you would like to pop over and claim a 'share in love' award for being such a cheerful and stalwart blogging friend.

merry weather said...

That is very nice of you to think of me like that Lady T. I'm honoured.

On my way now, like a bird - a tired bird, but a twinkling one!

Iota said...

I've just re-read a few of your posts. They seemed a bit familiar. Then I realised I'd read them before, but your new look fooled me. It's big, it's bold, it's full of colour. I like it. (Might take a while to get used to it though - I'll probably re-read those posts several more times before I remember.)

merry weather said...

Well, I'm hatching a new post - around mid-September.

Big, bold, full of colour, goodness - I'm just a tall gauche mouse with a trumpet... You make me smile! Keep reporting from the mid-west, please!

Merlin's Wizard said...

Just to let you know im back in the fold!!

Hope you have a great time, and yet again i have loved reading you blog with its truly priceless approach.

Take Care

merry weather said...

Hi MW, glad you're back and thanks for your cheeriness.

I like the idea of being priceless. (Timeless would be good too!)